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  • Arrival/Departure

    General arrival is anytime after 3:00 pm unless the house is ready and available sooner. Departure is 10:00 am and we can provide a late checkout as long as the house is not being cleaned that same day in prep for a turnover, or we have tight housekeeping schedule. We do our best to accommodate early arrivals and late departures but we do not know until a few days prior to arrival.

  • How does the refundable security deposit work (RSD)?

    The RSD is deposited into my company account and returned as quickly as we can get it back to you. The lease allows 10 days for a report to be made because we want to be sure there is ample time for the house to be thoroughly cleaned and checked by the homeowner or their designated appointee. If there is an issue it will be brought to the tenant prior reissuing the refund check. We do the best we can to get them out on time. No one tries to make money from the deposit.

  • Will someone be there to meet us when we arrive to go through the house with us and where will I pick up the key?

    I will not be meeting you. The key will be found in an easy location at the house. If you see something out of order when you arrive just let us know and we will make note of it and or correct it if need be. Please know that we pride ourselves on having everything in order much as possible!

  • How does the cleaning cap work?

    There is a final cleaning cap for each property. This is the amount the homeowner is willing to cover to turn the rental over for the next arrival. If the final cleaning bill is higher than the cleaning cap the overage will be deducted from the RSD. It is unusual when this occurs, due to any number or reasons, but this cap helps to guard the homeowner from being taken advantage of with the final housekeeping bill. You can see that your "cleaning fee" does not actually cover the cost but it helps! Its unlikely that you will pay additional fees unless you leave the house with a lot of extras to do. Again, if you do – it’s no judgment! You are on vacation!

  • Who do I call if I need assistance during the rental period?

    In some cases it will be my office and in other cases it will be the homeowner or his on call person. In either case this will be fully explained prior to arrival and noted in the extensive welcome information waiting for you when you arrive.

  • How does the utility cap work?

    For seasonal renters there is often a utility cap for electricity or for oil or propane. The owners know what typical usage is for a given season and will allow you that many gallons or sometimes a price cap. Winter heat allowances would be based on keeping the heat set between 68-72 while you were in the house and then turned back to 50-55 if/when you leave during the week. If you like to keep your home very warm you may end up paying some additional heat costs. In summer, we ask that you turn the AC to a warmer setting when you are not actively using it. If there are window units these should be OFF when not actively in use.