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West Stockbridge

West Stockbridge, the western gateway to the Berkshires, is close to all attractions that the Berkshires have to offer year round.

Whatever your interests (cultural, sports oriented, dining, shopping, historical or simply enjoying the incredible natural beauty), West Stockbridge has something for you.

Visit "Area Attractions" and "What to Do" to design your own unique Berkshire experience.



What's in West stockbridge

"We hand roast only the best green beans in small batches-using eye, ear and nose. We cook simply and heartily. And source only natural coffees, teas, salts--grown responsibly by those who take pride in their work and are recognized for their effort. 

"Rouge Restaurant & Bistro is a prominent culinary and cultural destination in a region bursting with creativity and energy.

"Fashionable clothing, jewelry, pottery, porcelain, textiles, furniture and art on consignment."