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CrossRoads Food Shop

2642 Rte 23
HillsdaleHillsdale, Columbia County 12529

"Restaurant operates in the category of farm to table/locavore/seasonally based*/simple & delicious.

Chef David Wurth began cooking long ago as part of the family team that assembled meals for evening dinner. Everybody helped a little. He vividly recalls helping his mother make a salad where he learned that the technique of tearing the lettuce leaves instead of cutting them with a knife made for a better tasting salad. He also recalls learning that after slicing a cucumber for the salad there is left a small nub at the end the salad maker gets to eat as a special only-for-the-cook treat. Secrets and special treats—well that was intriguing enough to open the door to spend more time in the kitchen. Later, there were professional stops in Martha’s Vineyard and Philadelphia and New York City, and then Philmont, NY. 187 years later he is still at it, now in the kitchen of CrossRoads in Hillsdale, looking forward to cooking for many many years to come."